Mechanical Testing

Mechanical Testing

A Universal Testing Machine (UTM) is used to test both the tensile and compressive strength of materials. Universal Testing Machines are named as such because they can perform many different varieties of tests on an equally diverse range of materials, components, and structures. Most UTM models are modular, and can be adapted to fit the customer’s needs.

At INSCO fasteners we test the stud bolts & hexagon bolts on our latest 600 KN universal testing machines which can accommodate many kinds of materials, ranging from hard samples, such as metals in alloy and stainless steel.

INSCO FASTENERS operate a fully controlled quality system maintaining traceability of products from their initial source of supply, into packing, right through to dispatch to the customer.

INSCO FASTENERS quality system is registered under BS EN ISO 9001:2015

To check that the products we supply conforms to the relevant standard we operate with specialistic inspection equipments such as:

  • Tensile Testing Machine for pulling Bolts / Setscrews and Full nuts
  • Hardness Machine
  • Profile Projector
  • Suitability Test Machine for assembly testing
  • Gauges for checking the threads of Bolts & Nuts
  • Elcometer for measuring the plating thickness
  • Spectro Chemical Analysis Machine

Tests can also be performed in controlled environmental conditions. This is achieved by placing the Universal Testing Machine into an environmental room or chamber. For example, metals testing can be conducted at extreme temperatures: from -196°C (-321°F) to over 1000°C (1800°F).